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Sam Loop Leather Saddle Bag

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Our Sam 1 loop is an exclusive elegant update of our classic Sam vintage style Saddle Bag and is an instant winner. If you’re the trend setter in your group the Sam will ensure that you are up to date with the latest ‘Loop Bag’ trend.  This leather handmade saddle bag will hold your daily essentials with ease. The world is your runway!

- 100 % Handmade genuine leather.
- Loop closure.
- Adjustable strap.

Size Guide: (Large)

Width 28 cm
Height 21 cm
Depth 10 cm
Weight 700g

Size Guide: (Medium)

Depth 7cm
Height 18cm
Width 21cm
Weight 500g

What You'll Get

Each design has been hand-crafted using the highest quality natural leather, it takes us time to find such quality but it is reflected in our work. Our leather is also tanned using natural vegetable-based solutions from tree bark and to get the rich colour you see on our bags we use plant-based oils to give them that unique vintage look. By choosing to ditch modern machinery this will mean that no two bags are the same, we feel that this gives added value to your purchase!

To keep your bag looking great read up on how to care for it HERE.