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Clutch Rivets Leather Handbag

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A hands-free night out on the town is optimal with our most dazzling eye-catching handmade piece! The Clutch Rivets is handcrafted by a unique metal work technique, guaranteeing it won’t lose its sparkly bits over time.  This exclusive leather bag can be used as a clutch or as a cross body and is the perfect addition to add a touch of sparkle to ‘That Dress’.


- 100% Chemical-free genuine leather. 

- 100 % Handmade

- Hand applied metal design*

- Detachable strap.

*Designs may vary due to the handmade nature of the product.

Size Guide:

  • Depth 5cm
  • Height 11cm
  • Width 20cm
  • Weight 450g
  • Strap Length 120cm

What You'll Get

Our leather is tanned naturally using vegetable-based solution made with tree bark and dyed using organic oils which give our bags that unique vintage look! As each of our products are handmade for you, each one will have slight variations that make no two bags the exact same. We believe this adds to the uniqueness of our designs.

As we choose to not use any harmful and nasty chemicals our leather can sometimes have a strong leathery odour to it, don’t worry this ensures that you are getting the real deal! The smell will disappear the more you start to love and use your bag. 

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