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Brixton Briefcase

Regular price £139.00

Our Brixton leather briefcase was named after our London store which, like the area, is unique, good-looking and full of character! Fashioned with one large inside compartment to hold your 15” laptop and a smaller one under flap, this timeless work bag will rock you down to Electric Avenue, and then you’ll take it higher! (How could we resist?).


- 100% Handmade genuine leather

 - Twist lock closure

- 2 Compartments inside - big enough for laptops and documents!

- Front pocket on the inside of the bag

- Zip on the back of the bag for ease. 

- Detachable shoulder strap for when you are on the go!

- This leather briefcase is handmade from cowskin leather.

Size Guide Approx(cm):

L 39 x H 30 x D 8

Weight 1300g

Max Strap Length 140cm

Min Strap Length 120cm

Drop handle 6cm

What you'll get!

Each design has been hand-crafted using the highest quality natural leather, it takes us time to find such quality but it is reflected in our work.

Our leather is also tanned using natural vegetable-based solutions from tree bark and to get the rich colour you see on our bags we use plant-based oils to give them that unique vintage look.

By choosing to ditch modern machinery this will mean that no two bags are the same, we feel that this gives added value to your purchase! 

To keep your bag looking great read up on how to care for it HERE.


Chemical-free Leather Odour

Is the leather smell a little strong? Don’t worry! This can sometimes occur because our leather is indeed a natural product which is ecologically produced and we only use cow and goat skin.

Once you start to regularly use your new bag it is proven to reduce the strong odour leaving behind that lovely, characteristic leather smell. We also recommend lying a perfumed sheet inside the bag for quick results.

Leather Marks and Aging

Just like us, your bag will age over time, this is called 'Patina' which is the natural change in the state of leather. There’s sadly no avoiding it, but we feel it makes your bag unique to you.

The buffs and scuffs tell stories, we do recommend that you purchase a leather conditioner to smooth the leather or if you like you can simply use Vaseline for minor scratches and natural oils to soften.

As for natural leather marks, we only use cow and goat skin and all the leather that we select for our bags is a by-product of the farming industry. These animals will naturally change and develop over time just like we do, so naturally there will be markings on the skins we use such as stretch marks and scarring.


The oiling and fix process we have carried out whilst producing our craft offers adequate protection against rain but if you wish to keep your bag looking extra great we recommend purchasing a leather waterproof spray.

We also recommend keeping your bag of the damp and if it gets wet let it dry naturally.

Natural Dye Process

To colour our leather bags we only use natural colourants like oil and tree bark, once applied we leave them in the sun to catch a tan and the end result gives our bags that rich leather look.

Sometimes these natural oils may be released at first so we recommend not wearing your bag with light coloured fabrics due to colour transfer, after a little TLC this will disappear.

Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept responsibility when this occurs.



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