Our Craft



The Design Process

The team go on a mission to find vintage gems and new trends a la mode to create the collection you see today. We travel far and wide to find new inspiration but our main love and influence is vintage, and you will see a hint of this in our designs.

If we find a hidden gem on our travels, we look at what we like and give it a refresh to create a design which reflects modern day style but with that Ismad London twist of uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you purchase one of our bags you will be part of the ‘new vintage’ Ismad generation it’s now up to you to create your own story and adventure which will mean that maybe yours will end up in a vintage shop someday!

The Leather

It all starts with sourcing the best natural leather for our handmade products. Finding the highest quality hide is important to us, we don’t mind waiting until it is available before we craft our designs, this attention to detail is reflected in our work.

Once we have found the leather we need, it’s time to give to our artisan to work their magic!

Each design requires a lot of time and care, each piece is cut by hand and sewn together. We use traditional methods to craft our bags without a hint of modern machinery. This process can take time but we feel it’s worth it.

The Colour and Texture

We dye and tan our leather using natural oils by hand so the colour may vary with each design – this makes every bag special!

Once the leather has been tanned it is hand-rolled using a heavy rolling pin, which gives the leather a beautiful smoothness whilst keeping its natural grain that helps give the leather its distinctive vintage feel which is unique to our craft.

Each bag has our logo stamped inside so you know you’re getting the real deal!


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