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Our Craft

HANDMADE | Fairtrade leather bags.
Since 2003 we have always believed in bettering the lives of others which is why still today we only work with artisan and support the craft for income industry. It's important to us as a team to ensure that the craftsman we work with receive a Fairtrade for the products they make and also provide an income for poorer communities. 
We are a small company with big goals to improve the lives of others & create beautiful bags that are chemical-free and better for the lovely world we live in. 
LEATHER | Natural and chemical free.

Our signature vegetable-tanned leather is created using age-old techniques in which hides are tanned using natural materials found in vegetable matter, such as tree bark, roots, oils & leaves to get that rich colour you see on all our designs.

The resulting leathers are thicker and more durable than standard chrome tanned hides, and the process is significantly better for the environment.

By keeping things natural and ditching the Chrome which strips the leather from its natural grain, you can see the defining character in each piece we make.

Like all good things, our leather will age better over time giving it that signature Ismad vintage look and will stay with you for years to come!
Leather Tannery
WORKSHOP | Behind the scenes
Our design visions are born in Brixton and are then brought to life at our family run workshop. 
Sustainable Bag Company