Our Craft

Our Organic & Chemical-Free Leather
We like to keep things honest at Ismad London which is why we only use natural ] leather when producing our bags, unlike the high street you won't find any harmful chemicals used on our product which is commonly used in the leather industry. It takes us 20 days for our skins to be sun tanned which is a long time compared to the 1 day of mass produced chemically treat skins but we think it’s worth it!
When you buy one of our crafted designs you can guarantee that you are getting the real thing and as we choose to be chemical free it's also better for our artisan, you and the beautiful world we live in.

The Design Process
The team go on a mission to find vintage gems and new trends a la mode to create the collection you see today. We travel far and wide to find new inspiration but our main love and influence is vintage, and you will see a hint of this in our designs.
If we find a hidden gem on our travels, we look at what we like and give it a refresh to create a design which reflects modern day style but with that Ismad London twist of uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else.
When you purchase one of our bags you will be part of the ‘new vintage’ Ismad generation it’s now up to you to create your own story and adventure which will mean that maybe yours will end up in a vintage shop someday!
Our Ethical Ethos
We ensure that all our artisans get paid fairly, we are great believers in giving back what we receive, this is of utmost importance to us as a family run leather business.
The Making Process

The leather before it’s dyed using natural dye and oils before we turn it into your new bag. It takes 20 days to produce our leather the natural & organic way. 

natural leather

Once the leather has been tanned it is hand-rolled using a heavy rolling pin, this gives the leather a beautiful smoothness whilst keeping its natural grain that helps give the leather its distinctive vintage feel which is unique to our craft.

Each piece is carefully crafted by hand without a hint of modern machinery, we use the same techniques that were used 100 years ago in Britain.
It arrives at our Brixton HQ ready for you to buy!