Leather Care Tips

You're here because you want to keep your leather bag looking great? Here are our tips and tricks to care for you bag so it lasts a lifetime! 


So you got caught in the rain?

Don't worry, it's all good! Just let your bag dry naturally or just wipe with a soft cloth, don't use a hairdryer. 


I've loved my bag a little too much - it's slightly worn! 

Just like us weird humans your leather will age along with you as time goes by, this is called 'Patina' which is the natural change in the state of leather.

There's sadly no avoiding it, but we feel it makes your bag unique to you. The buffs and scuffs tell stories, but if you do want to give your bag a little TLC, we do recommend that you purchase a leather conditioner to smooth the leather or if you like you can simply use Vaseline for minor scratches and natural oils to soften.

The natural leather smell smells good to me but will it go?

The smell of our bags is due to the natural leather, we use the ancient method of tanning with bark from mimosa and trees rather than chemicals, to slowly transform the hides into leather.

Our leathers natural odour will go away once you start to use your bag – don’t worry! :)


Theres a few marks on my bag, whys this?

We only use cow and goat skin and all the leather that we select for our bags is a by-product of the farming industry. These animals will naturally change and develop over time just like we do, so naturally there will be markings on the skins we use such as stretch marks and scarring.

Once tanned most of the remaining marks become almost unnoticeable but never completely disappear. They generally do not affect whether a hide is suitable or not. In fact scarring can actually make a hide even stronger, we feel that the markings add character to each bag we make making it unique to you!



 If you need any more care tips just email info@ismad.co.uk and our friendly team will help you!